Terry Power,
Republican for Florida House District 64

Tampa Bay Times Recommends Terry Power

Terry Power | District 64, Republican

On August 3, 2018 I was recommended by the Tampa Bay Times editorial board for the Republican Nomination for Florida House District 64. 

The Times outlined that I oppose new taxes as a matter of policy, that I believe the number of current gun laws are more than sufficient, and that I have serious concerns about environmental issues in our state. 

They also referred to my incumbent career politician attorney opponent as being "not particularly effective" during the eight years that he's been in office, and noted that he has spent much of his time in Tallahassee on "small-bore issues".

The Times was spot on in stating that Florida House District 64 "needs a representative who is willing to put in the effort to be visible and address meaningful issues".

I am that representative. 

As a successful small business owner and a 30 year Certified Financial Planner, I have the experience to make a difference in Tallahassee. I ask for your support and your vote on August 28th. Thank you.

Here is  link to the endorsement article in the Tampa Bay Times.

Endorsements and Supporters

Boots on the Ground Bikers for Trump

My commitment to support our President, our country, and our Flag has helped me earn the full endorsement of this wonderful organization!

Personhood ProLife PAC

My pro-life positions on protecting our society's most vulnerable citizens has resulted in my being endorsed by the Personhood ProLife PAC.  Thank you!

A+ Florida Carry Rating

I am one of only 3 candidates in the state to receive their highest rating. My commitment to protecting your second amendment rights is second to none. Thank you Florida Carry!

U.S. Term Limits

My stand against career politicians - especially those who try and double their own term limits - has earned me the support of this outstanding organization! Thank you U.S. Term Limits!

Oldsmar's David Wallace

Thank you to this outstanding community leader and volunteer. I'm honored to have the endorsement of people who are pillars in our community!

Craig Gross of Frankie's Patriot Barbecue

Honored to have the endorsement of one of our area's top Veteran and First Responder supporters! Thank you to all those who wear the uniform and their families for their service and sacrifices! 

Dan Farrell of Lenny's Restaurant

Lenny's Restaurant on U.S. 19 in Clearwater is a Tampa Bay institution. I'm delighted to have Dan Farrell and his family as some of my strongest supporters! Thank you Dan!

Paul Hittos of Tiffany's Restaurant

Thank you to Paul Hittos and all the wonderful people at Tiffany's in Palm Harbor! Paul has been on board with our campaign from very early on. I appreciate your support! Thanks!

Republican Liberty Caucus of Tampa Bay

Thank you to this conservative constitutionalist group of patriots for endorsing me over my opponent - even though your state organization gave him their highest rating last session! My business experience and integrity appear to be key components behind the endorsement. Thank you!

Florida Family Law Reform PAC

The Florida Family Law Reform PAC has endorsed me for Florida House District 64. I plan on introducing a comprehensive Family Law Reform bill in the 2019 legislative session. Thank you for the endorsement!

Terry Power for Florida House Campaign Video

I'm committed to bringing integrity and excellence to Florida House District 64. Please view our two minute campaign video and decide for yourself if we can earn your vote on August 28th!

The Platform

Smaller Government and Lower Taxes

I support lower taxes and smaller government in a way that differs from many other politicians…I mean it. Government should exist to protect our citizens, facilitate transportation solutions, and to team with private industry to create an economic environment that sustains economic growth beneficial to our families and our communities.  

Support our Law Enforcement and First Responders

I strongly support our first responders. They have some of the most difficult and challenging jobs in our state. We are fortunate to have such great people in our community, many of whom are volunteers. We need to make sure they have all of the tools they need to do their jobs effectively and that we keep the promises we make concerning their retirement and other benefits. 

Enforce Florida's Term Limit Rules

In 1992, the citizens of Florida voted overwhelmingly that four terms were enough for their elected Representatives. I agree. However, there are a couple of blatant and unethical loopholes that we need to close. We'll fix these problems and much more in 2019!

Family Law Reform Proposals for 2019

We're going to be making some big changes in our broken Family Court system in 2019. Here's an overview of some of our proposed changes. Help me help all of our families by supporting me in my campaign for the Florida House!

Help Me Enforce Florida's Term Limits!

Florida's Term Limit Laws for elected officials must be strictly enforced. To do otherwise would have a chilling effect on the will of the voters of Florida.

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